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Why I Love Selena Gomez

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I was in eighth grade when I got to hear about someone named Selena Gomez. The most popular girl in our class (who luckily turned out to be my BFF later) was all over her, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers. I knew Taylor a little, and liked her, so I thought it would be cool to know the others, too.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Disney Channel, and I didn't have an Internet connection, so I couldn't see them. Still, I would hear the amazing stories about Disney episodes and secretly burn inside. My friends would make my brother bring them their posters, and that's when I saw them first: Demi, the Jonas Brothers (whom i instantly fell in love with) and Selena.

Now, I'm glad I couldn't see their Disney shows because I know so much more than Alex Russo. I know the magician, the real Sel. Months later, some TV channel played "Naturally", and I found myself touched by her very presence. That feeling has only grown stronger throughout the years. I've been through a lot in last couple of years, and I was too scared to change, to grow and to be me. But I saw her grow, be confident, kick a** and be beautiful. She didn't let anything get her stuck. Nothing stopped her, and she literally rose and thrived. And seeing that, suddenly, I wasn't afraid any more.
It's not wrong to say that she's the one who made me who I am today. She (and Demi and Taylor) made me proud of myself at last. Believe me, I've been through that "self-hurting" phase. I've cried for my body, my color, my face, on me. She was the one to pull me through. I remember crying like hell the whole night, and I woke up to see "Who Says" on the TV next morning. I never cried for hours after that. Never for me. She made me love my body, my curves, my life.
Watching that cute girl from "Fly to Your Heart" turn into the sexy, young woman in "Revival", I see the most perfect change ever. I see it in her, and I see it in me. If I ever ever get to see her, which I really hope I do, I'd just say a BIG thank you. Because she might not know it, maybe she is really here to make money (as the haters say), but she has saved so many lives.

She brought me back from the near suicidal moments. And I'm breathing. After all the crap and bullying I've gone through and still will, I'm alive and finally, satisfied. Every word of hers brings me new hope. She's my sunshine. Her quotes, songs, interviews and We Day speeches all influenced me to fight, to fight with them and to fight for me. I've stopped labeling myself, stopped people from molding me into what they want.

And yes, as I've said many times *laugh emoji* that if I was a guy or gay, I would have died to marry her. But now, I just wish to meet her once and say thanks. But the whole day would pass, and my words of gratitude would not even get close to the finishing point.
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