Ariana Grande Totally Shuts Down DJs Over Sexist Questions

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Ariana Grande has been slaying left and right like no other. Not only did she totally shut down a body shamer with an epic response full of positivity, she totally schooled these DJs who foolishly asked some very sexist questions.

During an interview with radio station Power 106, she was asked the most ridic question (beginning at about 16:30 in the video): choosing between her cell phone and makeup.

Oh. No. They. Didn't.

Ariana clapped back: "Is that what you think girls have trouble choosing between?" Is this men assuming that that's what girls would have to choose between?"

Let 'em have it, girl!

When Ari said she's fine without her cellphone for hours, one of the hosts said, "Ladies, learn! Listen and learn, ladies!" Srsly?

Ariana fired back, "Boys, learn." Oh yes, she totally put them in their place.

Only...they weren't done being total airheads, as they fired off a discussion about emojis, with the belief that only girls use the unicorn.

Ariana's lesson wasn't over, as she had to correct them, saying, "Many boys use the unicorn. You need a little brushing up on equality. Who says the unicorn emoji isn't for men?"

We love how Ariana handled this interview. Perfection.

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