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If you've been on Pinterest (or are not living under a rock), you know that variations on braided hair styles are the in of in with Boho chic looks. Tutorials have mastered just about every way a braid can be done, leaving us a little bit sick of the plated hair trend. But don't unpin those looks just yet! Celebrities seem to be bringing back the braided style in a new, understated way.
SAG Foundation's "Conversations" Series - "The Art Of More"Instead of doing a full crown braid, Kate Bosworth, along with many other celebrities, is opting for a side Dutch braid that frames the face, and ends at the base of the neck. For the rest of the look, Kate is keeping it casual with some beachy waves to add another layer to this romantic style.
SAG Foundation's "Conversations" Series - "The Art Of More"According to Refinery 29, Kate's hairstylist, Bridget Brager, says the key to this look is adding texturing spray. By adding a ton of the spray to wet hair, and allowing it to dry naturally, the look becomes more effortless. Then going in with a curling wand adds more body to some limper strands. And Kate is not the only one rocking the side Dutch braid. 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsJennifer Lawrence also showed some side braid love, adding to a more formal look. Like Kate's, Jen kept her Dutch braid understated, but instead of doing a full crown around the side of her head, she took pieces of hair from the front and incorporated the braid into the side of her messy but glam bun. Both looks frame the face well, but add something extra to textured curls.

You're probably wondering, how do I get this look to show off on Insta? Well, like we said, there is no shortage of tutorials.

Beauty Vlogger, Fleur DeForce does a great job explaining how to achieve your typical Dutch braid. Basically, for those of you who can do the French braid in your sleep, a Dutch braid is like that, but in reverse. Rather than adding sections of hair to the top of the strands you are braiding, add more hair to the bottom of the strands, allowing the braid to become more pronounced on the top of your head.

Like Fleur, you can keep going and braid the bottom of your hair for an Elsa braid. But to achieve Kate and JLaw's look, stop braiding once you reach the base of your neck, and either pin the remaining hair underneath your semi-curled locks or incorporate it into a side bun.

Vlogger Missy Sue's third look for her braided headband tutorial showcases the side Dutch braid perfectly. Once you finish doing your Dutch braid and pin the remaining hair underneath your tousled locks, you can pull slightly at the edges of your braid to make it look fuller.

And there you have it! You can officially master the braid comeback, and show off your celeb-inspired look.


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