Who Needs Diamonds? This Girl's Engagement Ring Was Made With Her Man's Tooth

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So incredibly excited to marry my best friend, the man who knows that his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond....

Posted by Carlee Alisan Leifkes on Monday, November 2, 2015

Our first thought upon hearing that this girl got engaged and got a tooth where the diamond would normally be, we definitely had a 'wtf?' moment. Then, when we read more about it, we actually thought it was super sweet.

First of all, she WANTED it. It's not like her boyfriend was like "hey, I didn't exactly get you a diamond, but here's a tooth instead, will you still marry me?" Nope, it wasn't anything like that.

The couple, who met at a music festival, prides themselves on not being totally traditional, so they thought this was the perfect way to express their love in a way that meant something to them, because diamonds aren't every girl's best friend. So, they blinged out the ring with one of his teeth instead...

"When we'd spoken about it, I'd said that diamonds are so overrated," the bride-to-be told Buzzfeed news. "My birthstone is a diamond. I don't need one to prove how much someone loves me. He'd already moved all the way from Canada to do that!"

I have always been a happy person, regardless of my health issues, life's struggles, or family problems. I feel as...

Posted by Carlee Alisan Leifkes on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"What does a diamond signify in anybody's relationship?" she continues. "I literally have my husband's wisdom on my finger." Fair point.

And as you might have guessed, their wedding isn't going to be traditional, either. The bride will wear the tooth ring, a pink dress, a cast (because she recently broke her leg), and they're getting married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator.


They sound fun! Congrats, you two!


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