Move Over, Oreo: Chips Ahoy's Hot Cocoa Flavor Sounds Awesome

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If you thought that Oreos were the only cookies to have ah-mazing limited-edition flavors, take another look around your supermarket, because this cookie company is killing it. Chips Ahoy just released a new cookie flavor, and it sounds perfect for winter - mostly because it is inspired by a classic Christmas-y beverage. Hot Cocoa flavored Chips Ahoy are officially here, and you need this snack in your life.

Whether you're a fan of the crunchier Chips Ahoy or the softer cookie varieties, you have to admit that this flavor combo sounds pretty tasty. The Hot Cocoa flavor of Chips Ahoy is a soft chocolate cookie that has both chocolate and marshmallow chips baked inside of it, and that's not even the best part of this cookie. If you want to really kick up the flavor, you can nuke the cookie for a few seconds in the microwave, which really enhances that hot chocolate-y taste.

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I have to say that while I'm stoked Chips Ahoy is making a holiday-ish flavor, I'm happy that they are going a different direction than the kinda-sorta-basic gingerbread and peppermint cookies that we'll see flooding the market come December. Chips Ahoy is going for a classic cookie this year, and I know I'll be stocking my pantry with at least one box before these babies are gone for good. Hey, it's the holidays, right?
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