There's Now a Fabric Darker Than Black, and Our Inner Goth Is Into It

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Are you the girl in your squad who always wears black? Prepare yourself: German designer Phoebe Heess and creative director Gabriel Platt are creating a t-shirt that is blacker than black, according to Dazed.

Phoebe's obsession with black is no joke - the Adidas by Stella McCartney designer also creates futuristic collections under her own name...and every single thing is black.

This isn't the first color darker than black to ever exist - just last year, Surrey Nano Systems invented Vantablack from carbon nanotubes, but clothes can't be created from nanotubes, a fact that brought fashion gurls everywhere close to tears. But Phoebe and Gabriel's team found a way to harness the ultra black color of the Gaboon viper (yes - an actual snake) to create a prototype fabric that reflects 40 percent less light than regular black. The color is called, fittingly, Viperblack. Fierce AF.

"I was like the digital marketing guy here and I came across a meme of Wednesday Addams saying 'I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color,'" Gabriel told Dazed. "I researched it and saw there were millions of likes and shares for this meme, so I showed it to our fabric supplier and said 'This is someone saying they would buy that and millions agreed, so there must be a market for this, wouldn't you do that for us?' I think that's very interesting in terms of how trends are made - because it's not like some company says like the colour of the season for the next five years is pink or something, trends are really being created on the internet right now. On the one hand we had this technology part like 'There's stuff, which is blacker than black' and then on the other hand this meme gave us a push to do it."

Kickstarter user Phoebe HeessPhoebe and Gabriel's project is currently open for backing on Kickstarter - they're looking to raise 10,000 euros - a little more than $11,000 - and if you pledge $78, you can get one of the very first Viperblack tees, expected to ship in March 2016. If funded, they will reach out to you to determine the style and size (fitted or wide, long-sleeved or short-sleeved) of your tee.
Kickstarter user Phoebe Heess
The shirts are being designed and produced in Germany, and the high-tech fabric is being sourced from Switzerland.

This invention is an awesome instance of memes having a lasting effect on culture IRL. Not to mention, it's making our thinly veiled inner goth feel all squishy inside.


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