This Amazing Hair Brush Can Actually Straighten Your Hair

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Are you addicted to your hair straightner? If so, a new product may actually compete with it for a special spot in your heart. A company has just created a hair brush that can straighten your hair, and it's ridiculously impressive.

Italian company DAFNI created the hair brush, and according to the company's website it all started as a father attempting to save his distressed daughter from a terrible haircut by straightening her hair. The father combined a brush with a hot tool, and found that the product was able to straighten his daughter's waves simply by combing it. After much trial and error, the DAFNI hair brush we know today was born - and after watching the below video, you'll be very glad it was:

A brush that straightens hair?!? Add this to the Christmas wish list this year...

Posted by 98.3 KORA The Texas Country Original on Monday, September 28, 2015
The DAFNI brush is pretty amazing, but there are a few caveats to this product. The first? It's already sold out online, which means you will have to wait until the company decides to put more out on the market. At $300 it's also a little pricier than what you might spend on an average hair straightner, even though it does save you a ton of time. Lastly, while it does straighten hair, it won't give you the pin-straight locks that you often see rocked on the runway - for that, you may have to go with a traditional high-quality hot tool.

There are definitely downsides to the DAFNI brush, but I would be lying if having the ability to straighten and brush my hair at the same time didn't appeal to me. Who has the time for both, right?
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