Are Breast Creams and Masks as Effective as a Boob Job?

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New beauty products like Sisley-Paris PHYTO-BUSTE + Décolleté Intensive Firming Breast Compound (Barneys New York, $285) and Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Décolleté (Elements Beauty Shop, $12) are unique in that they're both targeted for yo titties.


That's right, the mask and cream were both developed for the twins. If you're faithful to your daily beauty regimen, like we are, then you're probably freaking out over the years of missed opportunity.

Not so fast - Refinery29 did some digging into the topic and found out that boobie beauty probably isn't going to be the next skincare movement...even if it's seeing a little life as a marketing-fueled fad right now.

The key to success for both of these products is hydrating properties. But they're seemingly no more helpful than a regular bottle of lotion.

"Moisturization helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and improves the texture of the skin," NYC dermatologist and BeautyRx founder Neal Schultz, MD, told Refinery29. "And anytime the skin becomes smoother, it reflects light better and makes [the chest] look brighter and younger."

So yes, a little moisturizer on the girls can work some temporary magic (and if you've been ignoring them during your post-shower losh sesh, maybe it's time to show the ladies some love!), but it's not going to have any lasting, firming results. For that, you'll still need an old-fashioned boob job, or maybe you'll take a walk on the wild side and opt for the Vampire Breast Lift.


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