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17 Reasons Why We Cannot Wait for the Next 'Gilmore Girls' Reboot

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On May 15, 2007, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore left our TV screens and me devastated and full of questions. How was I to survive my college years without the witty banter of Lorelai, Luke and Rory? I was afraid of how I was going to fit in. Rory made me feel like it was OK to read with headphones on in public and block out the world. However, it was due to Gilmore Girls and other television shows and movies that I made friends.

Nine years later (because this is happening in 2016), the girls will be back with plenty of changes to unravel before our eyes. Here are 17 reasons why we cannot wait for the Gilmore Girls reboot.

1. Is there coffee addiction still going strong? They made me feel normal for liking coffee at a young age.

2. Are Luke and Lorelai married with kids or married and being sarcastically amazing?

3. Where is Rory in terms of her career? Let's face it; the show creators basically endorsed the Obama campaign in the last episode.

4. How is Jess (resident bad boy) doing with his poetic soul? I am guessing he is either a successful writer or a cafe owner with a thriving blog.

5. Is Emily Gilmore, the matriarch of the family, still as sassy and in control as before? I loved how in control of every situation she was, especially when it came to others messing with her family.

6. Is Dean (Rory's first boyfriend) still in Stars Hollow? He was the ideal first boyfriend. I need to know what became of him.

7. Is Mrs. Kim in the reboot of the show? The show would not be the same without her.

8. Speaking of Mrs. Kim, Lane and Rory's friendship embodied loyalty, humor and sincerity. They were the role models for girl power!
9. Lane, please tell me you are around. In an alternate world, Lane and Mrs. Kim have combined forces and taken over a section of Stars Hollow.

10. Paris, Paris, Paris. Her personality transformation from intense grubbing teenager to mellowed college freshman with a life coach needs to make her way on to the roster. Rory and Paris developed a friendship of mutual respect and admiration. I would love to see if they are still part of each other's lives.
11. I will admit that I want to see the resident characters of the town: Kirk, Gypsy, Taylor and Miss Patty.

12. If you do not miss the war of words between Taylor and Luke during town meetings, you are not a fan. The banter exchanged, from town ordinances to how the town would deal with the breakup of Lorelai and Luke, made the them a must-see spectacle.

13. After Rory turned down Logan's proposal (millionaire bad boy tamed by Rory) does he become even wealthier in his Internet startup and marry a supermodel?

14. I need to see the beauty of Michel Gerard and his indifferent attitude toward the guests of the Firefly Inn.
15. Is Christopher, Rory's father, making the cut for the reboot? A total stud, he stirred up some trouble between Luke and Lorelai, and all of our hearts stopped beating until Luke and Lorelai reunited.

16. We need to have a reinstatement of those wonderful movie marathons with tons of snacks and great commentary.
17. We want to reminisce on all the feels of what it was like being part of the world of Stars Hollow and living vicariously through Lorelai and Rory.

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