Justin Bieber Yells at Fans to Clap on Beat During TV Performance

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It must be that time of the month for Justin Bieber or something! Dude has been on a telling-off roll lately, and his latest victims were fans watching a Spanish TV taping.

The whole did-he-really-just-say-that moment went down on November 2 while Justin was singing an acoustic version of his hit song "What Do You Mean?" for fans at the show. Everything was going great, until the crowd started clapping along to the Biebs' singing...

"At least clap on the right notes!" Bieber said. "Come on guys, stop, stop, stop." Justin then showed the crowd how he wanted them to clap. "It's like this [claps.] If you're gonna clap, at least clap on beat."

Yikes! A little rude, eh?

This isn't the first time Justin's blown up on fans in the crowd. Just last week he stormed off stage after they wouldn't let him clean up a spill on the stage as he was trying to perform. He also dipped out on a radio interview after things got super weird.

We understand where JB is coming from with this incident, though. It would be hard to sing in tune and in sync if the crowd is clapping at the wrong time. He just wanted his performance to be amazing.

Watch Justin sing "What Do You Mean?" and yell at his fans, below. Do you think he went too far?
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