These Girls Thought They Were Getting Kylie Jenner Makeovers - They Weren't!

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These girls were told they were getting Kylie Jenner makeovers, but unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us!) all they were really getting was pranked.

So, here's how it all went down. BuzzFeed took three unsuspecting girls, told them they were getting Kylie Jenner makeovers - even though they didn't need makeovers at all, but who could say no to a Kylie makeover?!- and off they went.

They had someone distract them while they were getting their makeup done so they wouldn't notice that they were getting more 'clown' than 'Kylie.'

We have to admit, if this happened to us, we're not sure we would know even if they didn't have the distraction there because when you're getting your makeup done, the whole process feels weird and foreign, especially when you don't have a mirror to constantly check the progress in.

"I can like tell there's stuff on my face - I have this extra kind of layer, but it's not anything crazy," she said, not knowing she was rocking, look.
We give all three of them credit, though, because they made the best out of it. One girl said she actually liked the lashes, so when she took everything else off, she was keeping those babies! Another said she loved the lipstick they chose and we hadn't even noticed how pretty the shade was until she said something. Glass half-full FTW!

Thank you, girls, to lending your faces to this funny prank. Now, take all of that cray clown makeup off and go back to being your beautiful selves!
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