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Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas Give Us FOMO for their Movie

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A few days ago, I got the chance to see Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas at AOL BUILD. Before the interview started, we watched the trailer for their movie The Outfield. If you're a baseball fan, this movie is for you. Come for the baseball, stay for the internal conflict and romance (also, shown in the trailer). These three attributes will lead the movie to success.

Let me tell you, Nash and Cameron are just as interesting in real life as they are on Vine! I never knew how different it was filming on Vine versus YouTube versus a movie, but these guys have done all three. Also as actors, they have to put their trust in the director to pick the best set of film since they have all the control in their social media selections.

Both of the boys said they played baseball before, although Cameron only played when he was 7, while Nash (a small town kid) was baseball-obsessed and played each year. Cameron was already comfortable on set, having already shot a film prior to The Outfield, but this was Nash's first movie, so he was nervous. However, Cameron, being a protective friend, cutely said he would "kick out" anyone who makes fun of Nash. #friendgoals
AOL BUILD Presents: "The Outfield"Nash talked about how he had to cut his hair for the movie. He was mad about it, but it obviously grew back just as fabulous as before! The best part of the interview was a story that Cameron shared about crazy fans. Some fans snuck into his hotel room and wanted to watch him sleep! Crazy, right? Also, they said they would want to collaborate with Bill Nye. Nash, Cameron, make it happen.
Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas on "The Outfield"
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