Science Proves These 5 Things Are Confidence and Dating Game-changers

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We've always said that makeup is our secret weapon. Taking the time to put on your favorite mascara and wing your eyeliner just right gets you ready to take on the day, because you look amazing, and the world can't help but notice. But now, Revlon has partnered with researchers at Fordham University to prove that the power of makeup, along with a simple, daily ritual can get you feeling like your best self and even ready you for romance. You've probably already heard of the Love Test and have seen the awe-inspiring video on YouTube that's already gotten millions of views, but we just had to learn how we can do this for ourselves.

For their study, Revlon and Fordham recruited over 700 women between the ages of 18 to 49 from across the country and asked them to switch up their morning routines just slightly. Dr. Timothy Malefyt, Fordham's clinical associate professor of marketing, told Cambio that this ritual involves every one of our senses, to keep us grounded in a moment when we are feeling the best about ourselves.

"This was all about the women themselves," he said. "It started with [putting on] a fragrance, then applying some eyeliner. And then, it's about picking a sweet, a mint or a chocolate. Finally, she puts on mascara, takes a deep breath, looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. It's about anchoring yourself in the here and now, not for someone else, but for yourself."

By including your favorite perfume and a nice little bite of chocolate, along with a smile in the mirror, you've pleased just about every one of your senses, picking you up in a way Dr. Tim says is like drinking your morning coffee.
Jersey City, Woman applying lipglossWomen who participated in the study reported feeling better about themselves, their appearance and their capabilities. What's more, women who started doing the ritual regularly became more ready and open to love. And this all happened in four days.

The results truly speak for themselves. Out of all the women who did the ritual regularly, an outstanding 97 percent said they felt a positive change in themselves, with 77 percent reporting feeling more outgoing. The best part, though, was that most women saw improvements in the romance department. A total of 71 percent said they wanted romance after their routines, 69 percent said they were ready for love, and 74 percent were more likely to flirt.

The routine was even able to change the way their partners or potential baes saw them.

"What was interesting, too, was that it had cascading effects," Tim said. "For the boyfriends and the husbands, they noticed that [these women] were looking better and feeling better about themselves. It's a synergistic effect that starts off with the women and leads on to another."

The results for this didn't lie either. An unbelievable 85 percent of women said they noticed a positive change in how others responded to them, with 65 percent saying they got more compliments from their SOs, and 56 percent saying more people were flirting with them. Yes, please.
A couple laughing together with friends at night.Tim said the key is to focus on being completely present during the time you're spending with yourself, so that you can consciously appreciate who you are and the steps you're taking to make yourself happy: "How much in our world are we doing for other people? This is a reflective moment where you take a deep breath and look at yourself and smile. That's the [sensory experience] getting you in the moment. And rituals are rich in sensory experiences to anchor you and bring you into that time and place."

We are sold. Any routine where we get to eat chocolate and feel confident enough to flirt a little more is one we can get behind.

If you try this out for yourself, let us know how it made you feel! Sound off in the comments below.


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