These Brands Are Making New Emojis And They're Awesome

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Tons of high-profile brands are leveraging the popularity of emojis for their marketing campaigns, and Dove is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. Personally, this campaign speaks close to my heart - Dove released a slew of curly-haired emojis, including females with hair and texture of all types, to the many straight-haired ones we have on our phones today. #OnFleek!

The release is a part of Dove's #LoveYourCurls campaign, encouraging women to embrace and love the natural curls they were born with. Check out a snap of the emojis below:

Other brands have seen success with incorporating emojis into their campaigns as well. NBC released an SNL app filled with emojis of iconic characters for its 40th anniversary:

Burger King has been pushing their new Chicken Fries dish hard with TV ads and added a release of emojis to fuel the hype:

BK isn't the only food chain to leverage emojis to boost sales; Domino's just launched a campaign where (once you sign up), all you have to do is tweet them a pizza emoji - and BOOM: Pizza's at your doorstep. #SayWhattttt

Emojis have also been used for the greater good (not that ordering a pizza at 2am in the laziest way possible isn't life changing), with the WWF launching emojis to raise awareness for endangered animals. Its #EndangeredEmoji campaign is geared to save animals from extinction, prompting people to donate every time they tweet an emoji:

Make sure to download Dove's latest curl emojis, and tweet me your favorite one using #LoveYourCurls @lizprugh.


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