5 Beauty Tips You Should Ignore This Winter

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As the winter weather begins to creep in, it's time to abandon some of your summer beauty staples. Because the cold weather can be harsh on your skin, there are some beauty regimens you'll just want to skip this season. Keep your face and skin looking fresh and moisturized all winter long with these 5 beauty tips to ignore when it's absolutely freezing out.

Use Your Favorite Soap

Don't use drying soapDon't risk having super dry skin in the winter. Because the winter air will have less moisture, you should avoid soap based facial cleansers. Instead, use more moisturizing products like nonfoaming cleansers.

You Don't Have To Exfoliate

Beauty Tips Winter
Because your skin can be dryer in the winter weather (see tip above), you will want to upkeep a frequent exfoliating regimen. Exfoliating your skin one to two times per week, will prevent layers from forming on your skin, a major beauty no-no.

Skip SPF

Beauty in Winter
Just because the summer heat isn't ablaze, does not mean that the sun's powerful rays aren't negatively affecting you. You might not be getting full blown sun burn, but being exposed to the sun even for a little while over long periods of time could lead to issues. Be safe, and wear a moisturizer with SPF.

No Need for Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

I don't know about you, but when it's below zero degrees outside, I tend to tear up. Don't get caught with mascara and eyeliner smeared all over your face because your products couldn't hold up. Stick with waterproof products this winter.

Keep Using Your Bronzing Products

We all work overtime to keep a fresh summer glow all year round. Unfortunately, most of us will be lighter toned during the winter season. Trying to match bronzing products on pale skin can look a mess, especially if it's obvious your products do not match your skin tone.


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