6 Easy Steps to Getting Indestructible Curls That Last all Night

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This may seem crazy to our naturally curly haired sisters, but there are plenty of ladies out there frustrated with their straight, limp locks that simply cannot hold any bounce. When your hair is naturally straight, curling it for an event or simply to change up your style can be borderline torturous. You spend hours with a hot iron dangerously close to your head, only for it to fall flat an hour later. So how do you get your hair to curl, and better yet, stay, when you want to mix things up?

No matter what length, texture or thickness your hair is, there are few things to keep in mind if you're trying to achieve an effortless tousle.

1. Start With Second Day Hair

We can't stress this enough! If you cleaned your hair that day, chances are your hair is soft and weighed down by conditioner. When your hair hasn't been washed in a day, it's more filled with your natural oils, which makes it easier to mess with and ultimately hold a curl. Conditioned hair, on the other hand, creates a slippery surface that allows curls to fall out more quickly, so let your hair do its thing and resist the urge to wash.

2. All the Products

When you're not used to putting much product in your hair, it's tempting to go light with the spray when you're curling. Don't! If your hair already has a hard time with waves, then prepping with products is completely necessary. Start off by adding a generous amount of mousse to your hair, from root to tip. We're talking a glob, so that hair is evenly coated in product. Add some texturizing spray to each strand before you curl it also. This will help add even more grittiness that will hold curl even better. Finally, spray like you've never sprayed before. Don't be too afraid of hair getting crunchy; you'll shake your head later when you're done to loosen the look. But if you fail to use all the product you need, your hair will have absolutely no bend by the end of the night.
Hairspray being sprayed on woman's hair on curlers

3. Make Sure Your Iron Is Hot Enough and You're Using the Right Iron

Working with a lukewarm iron won't get you much of anywhere. If you want to teach your hair that this is what it's meant to do at the moment, then you're going to need to expose it to heat. Apply a heat protector beforehand to make sure your hair is resistant to damage, but then be sure to heat your iron well. Take into consideration the thickness of your hair; if it's very thick, you're going to want your iron on the hotter side, while if it's thin, don't make it too hot or you'll risk burning your hair.

Also, take a second to think about what kind of curls you want to achieve. The tighter the curl, the longer it will last, and tighter curls usually require irons with thinner barrels (an inch or less). Even if you're going for a look that is a little more relaxed, still consider using an inch or inch and a half for your barrel because tighter curls will loosen as the night goes on.

4. Clip or Hold the Curl Before Setting It Loose

While curling each individual section, be sure to hold the curl in your hand and let it cool before you set it loose. Better yet, if you want indestructible curls, take the curl right after you release it from the iron, and pin it to your head with a bobby pin. By letting the curl cool before you set it loose, you have a better chance of it holding than if you release it from your iron while it's still hot.
Woman laying with curlers in hair

5. Over-Curl Your Hair

Like we said before, tighter curls have a better chance of holding throughout the night because they will inevitably loosen but still retain their shape. Because of this, make your curls slightly tighter than you want them to be. Before you know it, the curl will drop slightly, and you'll have your ideal look without the risk of it falling out completely.

6. More Product

So you thought you could put away that hairspray already? Nope! Once you're done curling your hair, shake out your locks while applying more hairspray. This will be the last seal you need to lock in the look. And if you really want to be sure, an extra bit of texturizing spray can't hurt.


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