Facebook Makes It Easier for You to Flake on Your Friends

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A couple of new Facebook updates are making us kinda happy that we never actually deleted our accounts after the countless times we've thought about it.

Picture this all-too-familiar scenario: You're invited to an event on Facebook, but you're not reallllly trying to go. Wary of the drama that you could cause by hitting the "Maybe" button...you choose to just straight-up ignore the sitch and pretend you haven't been on Facebook (why you lyin'?).


But Facebook just made it possible for you to flake more graciously. That "Maybe" button is now becoming an "Interested" button, reports Adweek. Doesn't "Interested" sound so much more promising than "Maybe"? "Oh, you're having a party? I'm definitely interested!" Just don't tell the host that your alternative plans include snuggling on the couch with four or five episodes of Jane the Virgin.

Another way Facebook is changing up how you use your phone is through Notify, a breaking news app that will partner with Vogue, CBS and Comedy Central, among dozens of other media companies, reports VentureBeat. The app will present print, digital and media content in one place - no need to scroll down your News Feed to find it. We can't imagine that Twitter is very happy about this, TBH.

Notify is coming soon after Facebook introduced Instant Articles - another feature that allows mobile users to open stories directly, without the loading wait time, as well as interact with photos and slideshows. It seems like Facebook is really trying make it as a breaking news source.

So are you into Notify? Or are you sorta just..."Interested"?


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