Gah! Girl Scouts Cookies Just Got More Expensive

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We've been drooling in anticipation since hearing about the three new Girl Scouts cookie flavors earlier this year, but it looks like some customers better get prepared to spend a few more coins to sample the tasty treats.

According to CBS News, the price of the popular cookies will increase in several states. In fact, Massachusetts, California and Hawaii have chapters which have already began charging $5 a box. As a result, their profits stand to increase from 62 to 90 cent per box.

SIGH. Et tu, Girl Scouts? First Netflix bumped up the prices on their monthly subscription and now our cookie addiction, er — cravings, just got more expensive. Unfortunately, the culprit is rising production costs, which forces us to stifle our cookie-induced rage.


We're not sure how, but we'll find a way to manage this culinary crisis. Apparently, we're not the only ones too peeved by the cookie cost increase, though. A poll conducted by CNBC found that 36 percent of respondents are unbothered by the price change and plan to continue to purchasing the cookies.

Ugh. The only positive side to this price hike is the potential to scale back on the number of boxes purchased, but TBH, that probz won't stop us from going HAM on those irresistible Thin Mints.
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