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Back up, Barbie, because there's a new action figure about to take over your aisle of pink. GoldieBlox, a toy company focused on producing female-focused and inspiring toys, has released a new action figure named "Ruby Rails." Yes, that's Ruby, as in a type of code.
What's so amazing about this action figure? Well, for one, it's a female - and it's an action figure. The promotion of Ruby Rails is equally as amazing, with her own movie trailer calling out that we need more female superheroes and leads in film and entertainment:

Check out those stats:

-Only 1 percent of popular films star women of color (The Representation Project)
-Only 12 percent of lead film characters are women. (Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, SDSU)
-Men get twice as much screen time as women. (The New York Times)

Insane! We have Black Widow (still waiting for her solo movie), Supergirl (on TV, so it sort-of counts), and as TIME quotes, "the final Hunger Games movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and the new Star Wars film featuring a female protagonist played by Daisy Ridley will likely be among the holiday season's biggest blockbusters."

Before you go jumping for joy that women have finally broken the barrier in Hollywood, TIME also reports that, "Hollywood still has a long way to go when it comes to creating role models for young girls ... just six of the top 500 films of all time have starred a woman of color." GoldieBox aims to inspire young girls of all ethnicities - anyone can be a hero! Barbie even switched up their marketing this year with the same type of message.

This isn't GoldieBox's first big marketing project to promote #fiercefemale toys that encourage young girls to get involved and interested in STEM. In 2013, the company's "Princess Machine" ad went viral:

GoldieBox is hoping for the same success with the release of Ruby Rails, and we're sure they'll see it because a) females in film is a major hot topic right now, and b) this ad is hilarious and brilliant.

Tweet me your favorite Ruby Rails character from the ad @lizprugh! (Mine's Braveheart, obviously.)

You can purchase the doll on GoldieBox's website.


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