One Direction's 'Temporary Fix' Is All About a One Night Stand?

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One Direction HQ shared a new video featuring Niall Horan and Harry Styles talking about songs on their new album and we're getting kind of hung up on Niall dishing all about a one night stand.

Yep, it sounds like the guys are really moving towards more mature subject matter than when they first started!

Take a listen to these clips of "Temporary Fix" and "Walking In The Wind," from Made In the A.M., with a little commentary from Niall and Harry.

Niall co-wrote "Temporary Fix," which he explains is "basically just about being at the bar and some guy's chewing the ear off ya, he's got a few drinks in him, and you can tell by her body language that she doesn't want to be there. So you come over to her, chat to her. Then the chorus is basically about, I can be your 'temporary fix,' so we don't have to call it anything. I think it's right, it's relatable, I guess. You know, everyone has a grungy night out every now and then."

Ooh, Niall having a "grungy night out" is making us feel things.

As for "Walking In the Wind," Harry explains the Paul Simon inspiration, saying he likes the song, that it's "a nice one."

Let's get back to that "grungy night" hookup though...

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