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The Struggles of Being a Tall Female

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"Wow, you're so tall!"

"Do you play basketball?"

"You're not wearing any heels?"

Any of these sound familiar to my fellow tall girls? Annoyingly, these are just a few of the many remarks I heard growing up being categorized as "over the charts" tall, according to my doctors.

As most admire my height, measuring in at 5-foot-9 1/2 inches (that half is usually left out, but I must be honest here), it has been an insecurity of mine my whole life, even today. I get it; everyone has their insecurities and people are bullied for various reasons. I'm not asking for sympathy here; I'm just revealing something that made me self-conscious my whole life and how I've learned to deal with it (somewhat...).

For starters, being in the back row for just about everything is not fun. Let's see. Dance class? Always in the back of the formation. Class pictures? Always chilling next to the three tallest boys in the grade (they were awkward, so it made it difficult to try to flirt). Sweet 16s or any other formal occasions, did I wear those fab heels I yearned for in the shoe department? Nope! I was in grandma flats. Halloween costumes? Ohhhh what a #struggle. All those cute little nurse or pirate costumes in the Halloween store were so ridiculously short on me, I looked like a stripper dressing up on Halloween.
Then add boys into the mix. I was either called the "Jolly Green Giant" or a tree. Like a legit tree. Wow, boys really know how to win a girl over, huh? As I got older and maybe had an interest in a particular boy, if they were short, I knew there was no way in hell I would even consider having my friend tell them I liked them (I'm talking like seventh and eighth grade era). Now I'm in high school and prom time rolls around, how many options do I have for a date? Very few as only a handful of boys were taller than me in my grade and probably half of them had girlfriends. I brought a friend to my junior prom who is a tad (OK, a lot) shorter than me, and I've since hid (or burned...) the pictures of us because the height difference is not OK.
Now being 22, how do I feel now about my height? Well, it's still something I'm self-conscious of; there's no denying that. I still go out to bars/clubs and struggle with what to wear because the shoes can make or break the outfit and it would be so much easier to throw on a hot pair of heels. Now an argument could be said that I should be able to wear whatever I want no matter how tall I am. Well, wearing heels and being around 6 feet is just not my cup of tea. However, I've learned that being tall is something I obviously will never be able to change. I've learned to accept and embrace it. Girls always say to me they wish they were my height, and I wish I was at least 2 inches shorter, but we can't change these things.

If I'm interested in a guy who may be a little bit shorter than me, so what? Look at comedian Kevin Hart and his fiancee, Enniko Parish. She has to have at least 3 or 4 inches on her boo, and they are a hot couple. Or what about when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were a couple? She was much taller than him, and they looked great together.
Star Max ArchiveI remind myself how I look at models or even Kendall Jenner and admire their beautiful height. If I can admire their height, why can't I admire my own? I was born this way (cue Lady Gaga), and I need to embrace my insecurity rather than try to hide it (many tactics of hiding it, including "hipping it"...that should be an Urban Dictionary word).

I know my fellow tall ladies can relate, so some advice: Be confident in who you are, date who you want (don't let height of the guy be the make or break it) and wear whatever you want because being tall is what makes you and me unique, girlfriend.
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