YouTuber SunKissAlba Dishes On Online Haters and Tips On Being an Internet Star

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BeautyCon NYC has been over, but we're still inspired by all of the makeup, beauty products, and major YouTube stars we met during the big event. One of the content creators we had the pleasure of talking to at this year's BeautyCon is none other than the fiercely beautiful and curly haired phenom, Alba Ramos of SunKissAlba.

Now if you aren't familiar with SunKissAlba, then you're in for a treat. With over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and a deal with Icon Network, Alba created a brand that is all things beauty and health, inspiring young girls to be themselves and remain confident in their skin.

We talked with the up-and-comer and asked her everything from what inspires her, how she handles haters to whether she prefers pizza or fries. Here's what she had to say...

If you had to describe your channel and yourself in one word what would it be?

Alba: If I had to describe my channel in one word it would be "BeYouTiful" and one word for myself would be... "Classic"

What is your favorite video on your channel?

I think my favorite video of all is the most personal video I've created. It's my "Plastic Surgery" video.

My wedding video would be 2nd favorite, but since I didn't film/edit that video I can't take full credit. This video is what I am most proud of because I got married in such an intimate and non-traditional way, not the way I was told I should get married.

Why do you think your channel has become such a success?

I noticed my channel's audience grow as soon as I started sharing my journey with re-gaining healthy, natural, curly hair. I think my channel became successful because that experience I shared is something a lot of people related to and were struggling with themselves. I not only shared that struggle, I also provided myself as a living experiment for years on how to maintain healthy hair. Along the way, I became the YouTuber they can trust on getting the healthiest, organic products for hair, skin and makeup application.

Booty length hair, here we come!!! Link in my Instagram bio 📲 #LetsGo!

A photo posted by SunKissAlba™ | Mrs. Alba Ramos (@sunkissalba) on

With gorgeous hair like that I'm sure you've experienced a lot of hate. Has the way you respond to negative commenters online changed since when you first started your channel?

I don't often reply to negative comments, but yes my way of responding to then and now has changed. For example, when my channel was new and small, I replied in a way that showed that the negative comments affected me, because it was the first time anyone had said something bad.

Today, I do not pay attention to comments like "You're not even that pretty" or "Why are you even that popular?" I don't take it personal because what they're saying is not true, and they do not know me. I think those commenters have more issues with themselves. It's not me they're mad at. If I do ever reply I always reply in a way that allows the person to see things from my perspective. To be honest, 90% of the time I don't even have to reply because my viewers reply in my defense before I even notice someone said anything bad.

We've got your back girl! lol What advice would you give young girls interested in starting a channel/brand?

Girls ask me this all the time and my answer is always the same. Let your experience be your coach, be authentic, share only what you know, and let your personality shine. I didn't start my channel knowing exactly what would work for me, or how to film/edit properly. I learned this through learning what I disliked about my content. I wasn't super open in the beginning nor did I show my personality from the start, but as I got comfortable my personality spoke for itself. Personality is the one thing no one can copy. This is what makes us special.

What would you be doing if you never discovered YouTube?

Well prior to being a YouTuber I was in college as a business major part time, and a mom full time. Along the way, I learned through my son's autism what true health means from the inside out. I think that I'd probably be doing something with holistic health. This is why I only use and promote organic/naturally derived beauty and food products.

Now here are some random questions for you... Pizza or French Fries?


Snapchat or Instagram?


Highlighter or Mascara?

Highlighter. Glowing skin is always wearable with or without any other makeup items.

If you could only listen to one song on loop forever what would it be?

Well that would have to be the least annoying song ever. I think... Christina Aguilera's "The Voice Within", because it appeals to me deeply.

Party or Sleep?

Sleep. ALL DAY. Sleeping makes me happy. I cherish and appreciate sleep even before becoming a mother.

Lasty, prides itself on being an online destination built and run entirely by young girls. What does #BuiltByGirls mean to you, and why is that so important?

#BuiltByGirls is very important because it allows girls to see each other as a team. We all have something to share and something we can relate to no matter where we come from or what we look like. This is so important to me because when I was in middle school I felt like an outsider because I thought I couldn't relate to the girls that didn't look like me. When I found YouTube, I realized that although we may think we're different we have much more in common than we think. We all have a relatable story to share that connects us as girls.

For more from SunKissAlba, head over to her YouTube channel here!


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