What to Do if You're #Adulting and Buying Holiday Gifts This Year

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So it's finally happened. This year, you were told you need to start #adulting and buy holiday presents for your entire family. Or maybe you've had your eye on a few things for yourself like that cashmere scarf or a new Macbook, but you're not sure when to get the best sales. Do not fear! We totes got you covered. If you're looking for the best deals this season, it turns out Black Friday isn't your best bet. So don't worry too much; your new, crazy adult world hasn't come with fights between you and old women for the last toaster oven on sale. Yet.

Where do you begin?

Thanks to the lovely folks at Adobe, we now know that you have ample time this month to get those holiday gifts together. In fact, they estimate that the best deals will happen five days before Turkey Day. So, like we said, Black Friday is not a hell you will have to experience this year. But if you do choose to try Black Friday for s**ts and giggles, just know that all your fave stuff may be gone.

Even though Adobe gods predict that Thanksgiving and the *magical* day after will have the biggest sales of the season, they also estimates that there will be up to an 83 percent chance that what you're looking for will no longer be on the shelves. Yep, those little old ladies are fast, and fierce, and they actually like waking up early.
Two young women trying on hats, profileIf you want to get super low prices anyway (because duh), Adobe suggests the Monday before Thanksgiving as your main shopping day. But like most holiday seasons, scoping out those good deals is all about what stuff you're looking to buy. If mom or grandma want jewelry (or maybe it's time to #treatyoself) the best day to buy is Thanksgiving. But if you're finally ready to invest something techy, all electronics and gadgets on your list should be snatched up on Cyber Monday. If you have a bunch of siblings or cousins that are toy fans, as most children are, the Saturday before Thanksgiving is ideal.

But when it comes to clothes, aka the one thing we actually all want (oh, how things have changed since childhood!), that's a little more up in the air.

Melissa Martin, a representative from Blackfriday.com also says that sales are all over the place this season.

"Some retailers are starting their deals well before Black Friday. Remember last year Wal-mart started deals a week before, we are expecting the same this year," she said in an e-mail to Cambio.
Young woman using credit card during online shoppingMuch like Adobe's trend predictions, Blackfriday.com believes retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Toys'R'Us will have sales before Black Friday, available in-store and online. In 2013, Amazon even released a promotion they called "Countdown to Black Friday," when they issued a new sale every 10 minutes, starting on Nov. 1. And let's face it; Amazon is the Holy Grail for easy-to-buy deals, so we can only pray to the retail goddesses this happens again. Pretty please?

When all is said and done, #adulting sucks, but the holidays don't have to be that hard. And if worst comes to worst, there are always Starbucks gift cards.


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