Can You See 500 Sheep in This Photo? Because We Sure Can't

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Talk about trippy! Can you see 500 sheep in this picture? Because we sure AF can't!

This shot comes from Canadian farmer Liezel Kennedy, who happened to venture out on her farm to check on her more than 500 sheep, and saw this. When she arrived at the field where they were supposed to be, she surprisingly saw that her flock had seemingly disappeared overnight.

"I drove right by them the first time," she tweeted. Can't see them, either? Don't worry, we had a heck of a time, too. Here's another shot that Liezel took:Liezel Kennedy sheep
Take one more closer look; this photo was taken from about 50 feet away.Liezel Kennedy sheep
Leizel told a reporter that she has the same problem in the warmer months, too.
Liezel Kennedy sheep
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