Lauren Giraldo Reveals How Vine Stardom Has Changed Her Life

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Lauren Giraldo makes us want to listen to our friends a little bit more.

You tell your friends they're funny all the time, right? (Except when they aren't, of course.) Well, imagine if you listened to one of your friends after they asked you to post something funny on Instagram or Vine and then bam - you are a social media star.

Doesn't sound likely? It totally happened to Lauren Giraldo. "My friend had asked me to, since she said they'd be funny," Lauren said about her very first Vine post. "I remember posting like 10 random vines the first day I got it and just having fun."

Now Lauren has over 3.3 million people who watch her on Vine, over 450,000 followers who read her thoughts on Twitter and over half a million people who see her pics on the 'gram.

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1: She's only 17, but the social media fame already changed her life. "I switched to virtual high school," she told us. "I'm so busy all the time that I could never have the time to go to physical school." Even with all her newfound attention, she still doesn't consider herself a "celebrity." But that doesn't mean she's not enjoying her journey. "I got to move to LA! Which is amazing because I love the city and I was ready for a change from my home town."

2: Not only have social media stars gained numbers in followers, but they've also gained numbers in their bank accounts. "I spend a lot of money on clothes!" she told us about the biggest splurge she's made so far. "Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies."

3: Lauren recently took over our Instagram account when she went to Stream Con NYC. But we wanted to know which big celeb's account she'd take over if she could. "I would take over Zac Efron's," the 16-year-old rvealed. And she has a master plan, too. "I'd slowly convince him throughout the day that we're soulmates. Then I'd Snapchat the wedding."

Speaking of social media, the Florida native has a few faves she likes to keep up with too over Vine, Instagram and Twitter: Gigi Gorgeous, Kinda Sarah, Just Jamie and Jenna Marbles.

4: With millions of eyes watching her on the daily, does she have to be more careful of the content she puts out there? Sort of. One viewer in particular makes her think twice. "In a perfect world I wouldn't," she said about censoring herself. "Not because I have millions of followers, but because my mom watches my content. But I'm very candid with my viewers and rarely censor."
5: Lauren built her own empire (her fans), so that definitely makes her a #BUILTBYGIRLS girl! "To me, it was about being my genuine self and using my phone as a vessel to share it with more people. Although it wasn't on purpose, it all worked out and I'm so glad it did. Taking advantage of all the tools around you to showcase and participate in what you love is the best feeling."


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