Apparently, North West Posted This Bikini Pic of Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian frequently posts bikini selfies and she frequently posts flashback Friday photos of herself, so when she posted a #FBF bikini selfie, nobody really thought anything of it.

While none of us were surprised to see it pop up in our feeds, Kim was because she says her 2-year-old daughter North West was actually the one who posted the pic.
"North posted this while playing games on my phone," Kim captioned the photo above. "Not sure why or how she chose it but I'm not complaining! LOL I deleted it so now reposting it myself! #FBF from 10 years ago."

For those of us who have ever made the mistake of handing our phones to a toddler and seen that they sent an "alkjadfljadflkjdf" text to our boss, it's hard to imagine that North dug up that particular photo from years ago **imagine how many selfies are in Kim's photo library!** and accidentally posted it on IG and just so happened to post that old pic on #FBF. Not totally impossible, but fans aren't exactly buying it...


"The only reason I want to have a child is so I can post bikini pics and blame it on the kid," one person commented. "That caption is so cringy. You don't need to make up excuses to post these photos you do it every day!" another chimed in. "Lamest excuse ever! If you want to post your glittery boobs, go ahead, but just own it!" someone else said.

Fun fact: Kim posted the same pic almost exactly a year ago for Throwback Thursday with the caption, "#TWTFBT I'm throwing this way the f**k back Thursday#MissTeenArmenian."

This is the full body photo, though, North cropped hers...

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