This App Lets You Create Selfie Collages With Your Squad

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You'll never have to be alone in a selfie again, thanks to the Picpal app.

The app, which allows you to make a selfie collage with up to three of your friends, is undergoing some major changes over the next month.

Starting Monday, you'll be able to live preview yourself in the selfie collage before actually taking a photo, so you'll get a better idea of what the app is all about when you DL if you're a Picpal noob. You can add text, draw and change filters too, similar to Snapchat, as well as comment on your friends' pics. There's also some editing features so you can make sure your selfie's #OnFleek. Here's a pic of what the final collage would end up looking like on the current version of the Picpal app, which is currently available on iOS and Android.
PicpalCould be fun, right? It's about to get better: The week of November 23, Picpal will release another update in order to make it the first-ever "collage chat app," they claim. Here's how CEO Mahesh Rajagopalan describes it:

"The current version of Picpal is all about people creating in-the-moment selfie collages with friends. But in the next version, a user can keep updating her status by tapping on her previous Picpals and sending her latest selfies. The Picpal collage then auto updates, telling her squad her current 'status' and allowing her to chat with her friends in a selfie collage mode."

While we doubt that Picpal is going to replace Snapchat in our lives, we love that it tells a little bit more of a story - and the constant status updates will definitely keep us coming back for more. We can't wait till the chat updates roll out!


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