Why Is Revlon Pulling all of Its Mascaras Off the Shelves?

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In a recent decision that's changing the makeup game, Revlon has decided to slowly (but surely) take its current mascaras off the shelves in favor of a new line of five products. Yes, count them. Five. Mascaras. Only. But don't panic just yet. Revlon swears it's doing this to make our lives simpler, and TBH, did we really need a gazillion mascaras anyway? OK, maybe Lash Potion by Go Luscious. If you clicked that link and got a message saying this product is no longer available, the exodus of Revlon mascaras has already started. Will the world end?!

Well, after a few pints of Ben and Jerry's, we realized this is actually a really cool idea. Revlon's five new mascaras will feature products more aptly named for what they do. For example, if you want more plump lashes, grab their Ultra Volume wand, but if definition is more your style, there is a wand designed for "Dramatic Definition." Easy-peasy, and no more headaches over which wand will do what.

That being said, we know what you're going through, so we're highlighting the roller coaster of questions we had when we heard of Revlon's new mascara line with (#thankgod) some answers.

Where, oh Where, Will I Get my Fave Mascara now?

As we shoveled Phish food desperately into our mouths, this was the first question that popped into our heads.

But alas, the Internet is a many splendid place, so even when your favorite product is gone, it really isn't gone. Our treasure trove of lost-but-found goodies will always be on eBay. And you bet your bottom dollar that with these mascaras soon disappearing, smart sellers will be nabbing them up to resell later on. We've already found a particularly promising listing of a 4 pack of Go Luscious, and we're keeping our eyes peeled as time goes on.

Let's face it; Revlon is, and forever will be, bae. And because they know what we want, and are totally amazing at making it happen, whose to say the new wands will be that much of a change? According to Refinery 29, its Ultra Volume wand is a great dupe for our beloved Go Luscious Lash Potion, while the Volume + Length Magnified is a dead ringer for Go Luscious Bold Lacquer. So, breathe easy. All hope is not lost!

But, What About My Favorite Color?

Revlon's rich, black hues have always made our lashes on fleek, so we couldn't help but wonder if we could expect the same of future mascaras.

The answer? Obvi! Revlon is not phasing out your favorite colors. Black, blackest-black and blackened-brown will still be available with their new, simplified branding, along with waterproof formulas. All is good in the hood.

How Is This Making Mascara Buying Easier?

You keep saying it'll make my life easier, but how?!

Well, if you think about it, this is probably the coolest part. We don't know about you, but whenever we go into makeup aisles, we're bombarded with different brands selling different formulas and wand shapes that are all claiming to do the same thing. So we buy one, test it, and when we realize we hate it, we have to repeat the process all over again. Revlon's eliminating that all together. With simply named products like "Super Length," "Ultra Volume" and "Dramatic Definition," you know exactly what you're getting, without having to wonder, What the heck does lash-arific curl-o-lizer do?

OK, We Want it! But When Can we Get it?

The first product, its all-in-one mascara, is available this month on Revlon's site. They retail for about $8.99 each and should all be hitting the shelves by January 2016, along with waterproof formulas.


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