Sia's "Alive" Video Stars a Fierce 9-Year-Old Martial Artist

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Who needs a shot of espresso when you have a kick-ass, redemption anthem like Sia's "Alive" to give you complete and utter life?

A little over a month after she released "Alive," the lead single off her forthcoming album This is Acting, the mysterious singer is back with an equally intriguing video that perfectly complements the rousing track. Although we've grown accustomed to the magical music video combination that is Sia and Maddie Ziegler, the "Alive" video stars another absolutely magnetic child star, 9-year-old actress, dancer and mixed martial artist badass Mahiro Takano.

In the simple visual, Mahiro performs a series of fierce martial arts moves in a room all alone, while wearing Sia's famous half-black, half-blonde wig.

She completely breathes life into the song as Sia sings, "I have made every single mistake/That you could ever possibly make/I took and I took and I took what you gave/But you never noticed that I was in pain/I knew what I wanted/I went out and got it/Did all the things you said that I wouldn't/I told you that I would never be forgotten/And all in spite of you/I'm still breathing."

Between Sia's lyrics and the tiny dancer's precise, focused choreography, this video will get you totally pumped to drop kick fear in the face.
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