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Pin It launched last month at TechCrunch Disrupt, and they aim to be your next news app. The app's goal is to be a tool for large (and small) media outlets, as well as at the individual user level. What the app does is organize content based on a specific reader's interests, making everything they're viewing relevant to what they are interested in.

This all works using a fancy algorithm that developed, based on your web behavior and social activity. For larger media outlets, the company's goal is to make websites as personalized as possible to a specific user.

For example, if I go to's homepage and I love reading up about Taylor Swift, news about her would show up versus other articles that didn't feature her. The tool would grab this information based on my web activity (like watching her music videos on YouTube), following her on Twitter, or liking her page on Facebook.

They also have an app you can download to your mobile phone or tablet. I downloaded the app and logged in using my Facebook account. I also added to my profile by putting in websites that I like and my Twitter handle. Based on my interests, it dug through a ton of articles across the web and came up with a handful - seven total - articles based on what I like:

Yes, I am a huge TVD fan (it's also worth noting that a few Teen Wolf articles popped up, too. #TeamSterekForLife) What was interesting was that some of the articles were from days prior, and it didn't seem to refresh my feed (I could be using it wrong.) The company's main focus - for now - is at the macro level, and they are currently working on a beta phase with three large media outlets in Europe. One of's founders, Angelo Prado, couldn't disclose who specifically they were working with, but promised they were all major media companies. The mobile app has a few hundred active users, as they just recently launchd last month at TechCrunch Disrupt.

When we spoke with Angelo and his team, he stated that this app is different than other content personalization apps:

It's different, because we aim to recommend users with news and articles that are interesting to [them] specifically ... we developed an algorithm that will create a personal relevance graph for every use. The [product] matches new content with users every day by scouring millions of articles and recommending a handful to each user - all unique to [their] specific interests. It is not [just] about what's popular or trending, but what is relevant specifically to you.

Check out the app (available for iOS and Android), and see what new content it brings up for you. Tweet me your thoughts on the app @lizprugh.


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