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Go BTS With Cambio at Stream Con 2015

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Last weekend, YouTubers and creators gathered in the Javits Center in New York City for the first ever Stream Con. The convention is designed for creators, the industry and fans. I was lucky enough to be a part of the creator camp, so I got to see more of the behind the scenes stuff.

The first day, there were a lot of panels. The creator camp and industry summit were designed as networking events between creators and the industry trying to get involved in this "new" YouTube phenomenon. There was also an event with Grace Helbig to end the night.

I was able to visit the YouTube Space after the day was over, which was definitely a cool experience. YouTube Space is designed to be a place where creators with over 5,000 subscribers can go to create videos. The space has high-tech equipment and studios to create the best videos possible. It was really interesting to be at an event there. It inspired me even more to start my own channel.

The next day was a lot more involved with fan activities. The convention hall had speakers on the Hollywire Stage and Vimeo Stage. There were activities throughout the convention floor, including a massive game of Jenga. (That was pretty awesome, not going to even lie.) There was also a Halloween costume contest for fans and a concert featuring We the Kings and James Maslow (you might know him from Big Time Rush).
I also was able to watch an interview with Joe Sugg, who is a British YouTuber. He talked about his new book and his success. It was interesting to see how much impact YouTube actually has on pop culture.

As for the BTS stuff for the day, I actually got to go up to the room where all the YouTubers were hanging out off-stage. There was a YouNow stage set up for people who wanted to live stream. There was catering and free stuff. I felt like I was living this celebrity life that I should not have been.

The after party at Daily Motion really made my Streamcon weekend. I was able to attend the Halloween party where I saw big YouTubers dress up in their costumes and just have fun. Everyone was having a great time, and it was just an enjoyable vibe where I got to hang out and meet people who have the same type of interest. I even got to see Aladdin post-NYC magic carpet riding (video below).

Honestly, I highly recommend going to Stream Con next year. I got to experience so much and meet so many people. I hope this event blows up the way VidCon and Playlist Live have throughout the years. See you next year Stream Con.
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