There's a Real Emoji Keyboard, Because It's the Best Form of Communication

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In 2015, it's nearly impossible to put together a suitable message of any kind without the dancing twins, cat with heart eyes or a perfectly timed eggplant emoji. So why has it taken this long for us to introduce emojis to our actual keyboards??

We don't know the answer, but we do know that EmojiWorks has come to the rescue with a set of emoji keyboards, as reported by Refinery29. There are three types, depending on your level of emoji expertise:

1. Beginner. Get the standard Emoji Keyboard ($50) for your mom. It's got all the right reaction smilies, as well as the hearts she loooooves to send you.

2. Intermediate. The Emoji Keyboard Plus ($75) is for the casual emoji user. You'll get the dancing twins and the fist bump, which, you know, are pretty necessary.

3. Expert. The Emoji Keyboard Pro ($100) is for the emoji queen. Do you need to translate EVERYTHING you say into pictoral imagery? Then you'll want as many icons as possible at your disposal. This is the only way you're gonna get the boo ghost or the kissing couple, so if you want more mushy emojis from bae, drop this on him as a holiday gift.
EmojiWorksThe Plus and Pro versions let you change your emojis' skin tone, so your emoji game stays super on point. The keyboards were also created with the newest emoji update, so rest assured that you can scatter middle fingers, unicorns and tacos in all your correspondence. Yasss.


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