This Is Why You Should Actually Try Tech Wearables

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As writers always on the hunt for cool stories, we come across our fair share of exciting tech wearables and cool gadgets. But if you asked us, "Do you actually own a wearable?"...up until a few days ago, we would have said no.

Even though all these cutting-edge inventions sound dope, it wasn't until we took these babies for a spin that we really understood how they can factor into - and change! - our daily routines.

Aarthi Ramamurtny felt the same way, and as a result, was inspired to launch her Silicon Valley-based company, Lumoid. The smart AF founder and CEO, who was recruited by Microsoft as one of the youngest product managers to work on projects like Xbox Live, knew that few people want to invest in tech that they've never actually tried. Aarthi started out with rental cameras, photography equipment and drones, and in early 2015, introduced tech wearables.

When a Lumoid rep reached out to us to try it out, we just had to say yes. And we were floored by how much it changed our lives.


We went with Lumoid's Fashion Friendly Kit, because you know how important it is for us, and especially our tech, to always be #OnFleek. The kit came with a Misfit Shine, Mira, Withings Activité Pop and Ringly. The first three are fitness/health trackers, while the Ringly is a pretty personal notification device for email, calls, texts and apps in a ring made with real semiprecious gemstones (it also recently came out with a bunch of awesome new styles).

As soon as we slapped on one of the fitness bracelets, something just sort of clicked. We regularly take a range of dance, cardio and toning fitness classes, and it was amazing to see how exercise - and a day of sedentary desk work - could affect our activity and how many calories we actually burn. If you need help meeting your goals, many will offer activity suggestions (run for 30 minutes, etc.) to help you get there. How has it taken us this long to become converts?!

Each of the gadgets is slightly different, and the way you utilize the app might be the most important factor in deciding. Mira and Misfit allow you to add in different activities like yoga and cycling, while Misfit and Withings track your sleep as well as steps. You'll also probably factor in the look and feel of the bracelet when it's on your wrist - Misfit and Mira can also be attached to your shirt, shoe or other places.

As for which was our favorite...The Mira Fitness app had the most dynamic tracker, IMO, bubbling up in areas of more intense activity so we could really see how our we moved throughout the day. Check it out:
MiraThe bottom line is that a wellness tracker really does encourage you to make smarter choices to stay active, and the fun, game-like approach to meeting your goals helps you stay on top of your fitness. Sounds like a win-win to us.

So are you sold yet? Now, you just have to figure out which is the right one.

If you want the same wearables that we had, the Lumoid Fashion Friendly Kit allows you to test out all four over a two-week trial period for just $30. If you choose to keep one, the $30 is deducted from the price of the item, meaning you basically got to test them out for free. So if you're serious about getting a wearable, which you should be, it's really the smartest way to go.

If style is the least of your concerns when picking out a wearable, there are plenty of collections to choose from, based on what you're looking for, including a Women's Running Kit, a Hipster Kit (!) and a Smartwatch Kit. You can also opt to take Lumoid's wearables quiz, and they'll send you five models to try for $30.

Looks like we're about to become those girls who rock wearables - and we're pretty excited about it!


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