LOL! Watch These Women Hilariously Critique Tinder Profiles Together

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We really thought we had seen it all on Tinder. Every weird profile pic, every creepy pickup line...literally everything. Turns out, we were wrong. GQ had five pairs of women scroll through Tinder profiles together and it's nothing short of hilarious.

The video starts out with a bang, with the first pair of girls reading a profile that says, "I just wanna eat some a**, is that too much to ask?"

Um, yeah, actually it is. We know that Tinder pretty much exists for people to GET some a**, and we all accept that, but that guy just took it wayyyyyy too far. Maybe he got autocorrected and meant "get"? PLEASE let that have just been an unfortunate autocorrect fail.

Of the 634 profiles they read, they swiped left on 564 of them, which is an 89% failure rate for the guys. Yep, sounds about right.

The good news - for the guys - is that the women offered some tips on how they could improve their profiles. Like: Go to the gym more, but don't snap gym selfies while you're there.

Another Tip: Don't have women in your profile pics. We don't know if it's your sister or an ex and we don't have the patience to try to figure it out.


Also: Do post pics with animals, but not random weird animals. Dogs are always a safe bet. And lastly, just don't be creepy. K, thanks.
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