Here's Some Drunk People Tasting 'Drunk Foods' From Around the World

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We all have our go-to "drunk foods," but what we eat when we're drunk is very different than what drunk people around the world eat. What tastes good to us doesn't necessarily get mouths watering around the world - and vice versa.

In this epic BuzzFeed video, they got a bunch of people drunk and had them try "drunk foods" from around the world, because there is no sense eating drunk food sober.

They started out pretty strong, giving people barbecued chicken intestines and fried quail eggs, which are apparently a popular drunk food in Thailand. At first, the people weren't told what they were eating and let's just say ignorance was bliss.
The rest of the foods, though, were a little disappointing on the grossness scale. Brazil's was butter, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, corn and onions, which actually sounds kind of awesome to us. Russia's was smoked halibut and dried calamari: not bad. There was another kebab-type situation that is apparently popular in a lot of countries and we can totally see why:
Yep, the love for the doner kebab was pretty unanimous and we're not gonna lie, we were stone cold sober watching this video and we'd love to get our hands on one of those babies!


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