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My Fall Semester Told Entirely Through Cats

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Being a self-proclaimed cat lady whose fall semester is nearing an end, I thought that now would be the purrfect time to reflect on the past few months (pun intended). Rather than explain why this semester has been especially brutal, I figured I would show you - with the help of some totally relatable felines.

When the semester first started, I was running on eight impressive hours of sleep. I felt energized and ready to start off the semester on a high note. Needless to say, I went to class looking like this:
happy catI saw my friends on a daily basis, had sufficient time to get all my assignments done in a timely manner, and my TV life was still very much intact.
cat on a laptopAll of a sudden, the papers started piling up, and I began falling behind in class readings.
cat studyingAdmittedly, I started daydreaming during class. And when I actually paid attention, this was my face most of the time:
surprised catSometimes I'd manage to catch up, then the professor would point out that ANOTHER paper was due the following week.
confused catI came home mentally and physically exhausted every day. Plus, my glorious eight hours of sleep turned into a meager five hours (or six, if I was lucky).
tired catThis was me, as I waved my social life goodbye:
cat wavingI had to pass up opportunities to hang out with friends, and my weekends consisted of hot dates...with my textbooks.
grumpy catAnd DON'T even get me started on midterm week.
grumpy catThankfully, those days I spent locked in my room studying paid off. This girl right here aced her midterms!
bashful catBut I can't get too excited just yet. I may have survived midterms, but the dreaded "finals week" is not too far away...
surprised cat
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