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I Met James Maslow (My Favorite Person Ever!)

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On Halloween while everyone was at parties with friends and eating candy, I was in my favorite city - New York City - meeting my favorite person in the entire world. The first-ever Stream Con was being held at the Javits Convention Center that day. (Stream Con is a place where fans can meet their favorite online creators from YouTube, Vine, etc.) I found out about it when James Maslow tweeted a surprise announcement and said he would be performing Saturday night and having a meet and greet earlier the same day.

When I found out he would be there on Halloween, I thought the timing was almost perfect. My birthday was on Oct. 23, and I wanted to be in the city for it anyway. But sadly I wasn't able to, so this was a must! I would have the 16th birthday I wanted and as a bonus, I'd get to meet James! It doesn't get better then that!

The days leading up to it I was both nervous and excited. I kept thinking: What if I say something wrong? What if I'm so nervous I can't even speak? What if I actually start crying?​ But fast forward to the big day. I was standing in line, and yes, I was definitely nervous. My hand was shaking even though we had quite a way to go. ​​When it was finally my turn to meet James, I was starstruck. ​He didn't even seem real. It really felt like a dream - he felt like a dream. When I looked at him, my hand was over my mouth shaking again until I finally took steps towards him. And the words that came out were: "Hi. Oh my God, you're like my life." We hugged after that. (It was amazing!) After we hugged he looked at me and goes, "Well hey, you are my life, too."

​After that, I surprised myself. I was actually getting words out, forming full sentences. Next, it was time to take the photo (they let me take two since my mom was with me). For the first one, I asked James if we could do a back to back pose, he smiled and said sure (see above). And after we took the first one, we took the next one as a normal one.
Then I even asked him a question about his new movie Wild For The Night.​ James asked me if I was coming to the concert later. I smiled and told him definitely! Before I left, I got to pick up my autographed photo and wave bye to James. ​

This was definitely the best day of my life. I've followed James since Big Time Rush and had a huge crush on him since I was 11. To finally meet my favorite person in the entire world was so amazing. James is one of the nicest guys ever! I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my 16th birthday. <3
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