This Website Introduces Strangers to Twins They Never Knew They Had

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How cray would it be to discover you had an actual twinsie IRL? Well, it's totally possible to confirm the existence of your lookalike and locate them anywhere on the planet, thanks to this amazing website Twin Strangers.

Users pay $3.95, which allows them to create a profile that remains active for six months. Then they simply upload a photo and select specific facial features. Then you simply search the site for others who share those similarities and you just may find a stranger with your face staring back at you. Back in April, the site held a competition in which users set out to find their twins within 28 days and it totally worked!

The website Drama Fever posted successful matches and the similarities completely blew our minds, some of which included stunning celebrity doppelgangers. As it turns out, Nicolas Cage bears a striking resemblance to a Civil War vet, while Justin Timberlake looks exactly like some bearded guy from the 1800s.

This is a pretty cool idea, but still, the possibility of meeting a perfect stranger who looks exactly like you feels kind of freakish.

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