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Reading my Bible and Writing in my Journal Makes Me Happy

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I love and care about a lot of things in life: family, clothes, sports, makeup, dancing, singing, music, etc. But my passion in life isn't just about one of those things, it's about all of them. My passion overall is probably just to be happy. I'm often sad or left out of fun things because of my other interests, but doing things that make me happy help me to feel better.

Recently I've took on writing in a journal whenever I feel really good or really bad as well as sketching and coloring in adult coloring books. It really helps me not to think about anything and just lets me live.

Another thing that may sound cheesy, but whenever I read my Bible (King James Version), I seem to feel better. Verses like John 15:18, Romans 15:33 and Psalms 139:14 really make me happy. Not everyone likes the Bible and not everyone is Christian, but no one can resist encouragement like this.
Overall, my passion is just to be happy, and everyone needs happiness in their life.
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