This Girl's Confusion Over a Landline Phone Is Making Us All Feel Old

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Noooooooo....We are too young to feel this old!

Unfortunately, we just got hit over the head a heavy dose of reality, because while we're still young, we ARE old enough to know what a landline phone is. Yes, we make fun of them and think they're antiquated, but we do remember using them.

We also remember the days when we had to stretch the stupid cord across the room so everyone could have a chance to say 'hello' to some random relative and "hurry because it's long distance." Yep, the struggle is was real.

This girl has no idea about any of that, though, because not only has she apparently never seen a landline phone, she doesn't even know what to do with it.


In the video, which has now gone viral and made us all feel like literal dinosaurs, the girl's dad calls down to the front desk to request a wake-up call and asks his daughter to hang up the phone. When he hands her the receiver, she is totally confused and has to ask her mom for help.

All right, since we're already feeling old, we're gonna own it and be crotchety for a second - why was the dad filming this interaction in the first place? A lot of commenters have asked the same question, and wondered why he's calling for a wakeup call when he obviously has his cell phone and can just set the alarm on there?

We would spend more time thinking about it, but we've got a ton of crocheting to do and if we don't start now, we'll miss the early bird special at IHOP.


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