Gasp! Kim Kardashian Might Have Photoshopped This Instagram Pic

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Kim Kardashian's Instagram pics are always perfect - so perfect, in fact, that she gets accused of Photoshopping them ALL the time.

We know that Kim and Kanye West spent four days editing ONE wedding photo for Instagram, so it shouldn't be too surprising that she might touch up her regular pics. We put a lot of thought into the pics we post on social media and we don't have 51 million followers -- which is a lot of people who would be seeing an embarrassing photo.

In this case, Kim got caught retouching one of her photos from Kendall Jenner's 20th birthday party last week by some eagle-eyed fans who noticed that there were some slight differences between the pic she originally posted (and has since deleted) on Facebook and the final result on Instagram.

Before Kim took the old pic down, someone took a screenshot of it and made a GIF comparing it to the new one. Watch her neck and the fly-aways under her ponytail:


You know what, though? We aren't even mad at it. Yes, maybe she fixed a few fly-aways and took out a shadow from underneath her neck, but it's not like she drastically altered any facial or other physical features. TBH, we've seen a lot worse from people who don't have millions of people critiquing every pic they post.

We all know that Instagram isn't exactly a true mirror of real life, so if Kim wants to make a few tiny, inconsequential tweaks to make a great pic even better, we're OK with that.


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