You'll Never Guess Why This Student Stole a School Bus

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We applaud any student who is seriously committed to their studies because with all the hard work involved, extracurricular activities and dealing with constant distractions like insane dress code violations, it isn't always the easiest thing to do. However, one student recently went to extreme lengths to satisfy his academic requirements and we can't decide if what he did was #goals AF or totally cray.

When 20-year-old South African student Le-Aan Adonis went to catch his bus with his other classmates, the bus never showed. With the pressure of a math final exam looming over his head, his fellow students found keys inside of a spare bus and asked him to drive them to school, Seventeen reports.

Needless to say, he took the wheel, but his decision nearly cost him more than a failing grade. According to the South African publication eNCA, Le-An was stopped by a police officer and fined the equivalent of $350 for driving without a license.

Apparently, he made it to the exam on time, but faces a disciplinary hearing. Donations have covered his traffic fines and legal fees, but there's no word on his test grade.

Considering what he went through to get there, let's hope he aced it.
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