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How to Identify the Bad Boy Acting Like a Good Guy

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He was supposed to be good.

For many of us that means he's smart, funny, kind and truthful. He works hard, makes you a priority throughout the day and even checks in when he knows you're not having a good day. He might've come into your life at a random time when you thought no one was going to walk in or maybe when you decided you weren't going to see anyone else for a while, but he came in.

He could also be someone you've been friends with for a while and something is transitioning and changing in your relationship. He got you excited about your day-to-day life again and against your better judgment and with the encouragement of your friends, you took a chance.

Here it is, you thought, a guy who is truly good. Until he showed his true colors.

It looks a little different on every good guy gone bad, but the signs are there. Maybe he didn't want to see you as much suddenly or maybe you were blindsided, possibly even manipulated, but they're there.

Less frequent communication and a general brush off out of nowhere has become familiar with me (crazy how society has painted women as indecisive). Either way, it somehow comes to a halt, and then suddenly a new girl comes out of nowhere. He probably fed you some bull about being friends, but you're not okay with that because you didn't pursue anything and you didn't deserve the terms on how he chose to handle his business.

He was sloppy, and every lie coming out of his mouth makes you sick.
The good news is the bad guy acting as the good guy only makes you better. His dysfunction is not associated with your worth. I've always used that as fuel to be better and to shatter my own personal ceilings, to push myself out of my comfort zone and rediscover why I am so in love with myself sometimes as crazy as it sounds. I walked a runway, made day trips a priority and partook in reading books and drinking coffee unlike when I said I never had the time in the past. I made time for falling in love with the life I had worked so hard to achieve and it worked.

I surpassed him - the idea of him, the expectations of happiness he should've brought. Well, all of it.

He's still not getting a birthday gift from me ever.

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