Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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You want that lux lash look that all your favorite celebs are rocking, but you don't want to apply falsies every day? Mascaras can pump up your eyelashes only so much, but for some serious length and drama, you may be considering eyelash extensions. You're not alone: Celebs like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians are all proudly flaunting their synthetic lashes. But before you go and spend hours with your eye lash technician (yes, that is an actual thing), there are a few things you need to know.

How Lash Extensions Work

Getting lash extensions done is a very long and very intricate process. When getting your lashes extended, an aesthetician works with each individual lash, separating one from the other with tweezers and applying adhesive to the ends. Then, they take synthetic lashes, usually made of materials like nylon, and lightly apply them to the tips of your lashes to make them longer. Many aestheticians have compared this process to "microsurgery," as 40 to 100 lashes per eye will get their own extension, all of different lengths to make them look more natural.
Castle Rock ExtensionsOnce you're done at the salon, you can expect your lashes to last for about two months before you need to get them redone. They fall out naturally, as your lashes fall out, and by one month, about half will be gone.

Find a Safe Salon

When you're dealing with anything around your eye, there's always a risk for infection. Before getting your lashes done, make sure the salon you're going to is clean and well trained when it comes to extensions. Because the process is relatively new, it's not heavily regulated, which means a lot of salons are slipping under the radar giving you faulty services. According to Web MD, the best way to find a great eyelash technician is to do a little research. First find a national brand that certifies technicians, and from there, look up which technicians are in your area. With this info, you can know their credentials and their skill set. And when you get to the salon, make sure they sterilize everything. And we mean everything. Don't be afraid to ask. Your technician should also be applying your lashes to the end of your natural lash and not to your lid.

Can You Foot the Bill?

Lash extensions are not cheap, especially when they're done right. For the two to three hours you spend in the chair, it may cost you between $150 to $600 depending on the salon. Getting touch-ups each month will also run between $50 and $65. And extensions are a bit of a commitment. Like we said, because they fall out, you're going to need to get them redone every two months or so if you want to keep up the look.
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Make Sure You're not Allergic to the Glue

Many lash extension nightmares happen because ladies getting them done had no idea they're allergic to the glue. Consumer Reports says that most of the glues are biologically based, but some contain formaldehyde, which is known to cause allergic reactions. To prevent your eyes from swelling up and looking like lovely lashed tomatoes, check with a doctor to see if you're allergic to these chemicals. Also ask your salon which chemicals are in the solvents used to remove the lashes, and check if you're allergic to those as well.

Know the Risks

Like we said, the eye is super sensitive, and anything that gets up in there makes it very unhappy. Lash extensions can lead to infections, especially if the salon isn't cleaning their tools properly. Consumer Reports also notes that synthetic lashes sometimes cause bacteria and fungi to stick around, which can also wind up in your eye.

Gross, gross and gross.

Along with eye irritation that usually comes when you're allergic to the glue, some believe that lash extensions make you lose more of your natural lashes. Adding nylon lashes to the ends of your lashes will weigh them down, and make them more likely to fall out under that weight. As a result, more lashes will fall out, consequently resulting in needing more extensions. But of course, this isn't the case with everyone. It's just something to consider.

If you can afford this lash luxury and have no problem doing thorough research, then totes try some extensions. If not, your mascara wand will always be your best friend. Yes, you may not get that unbelievable length, but there is something to be said for au naturale.


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