Here's How We Hide our Roots Between Salon Visits

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Let's talk about the root situation. You know what we mean here: You feel amazing after a fresh hair color, and you're ready to take on the world (hello, world! today I am blonde!), and then after a few happens. Roots. They creep out of your head like unwanted little party guests, and you are so busy being your bad self (or if you're like me, you gotta wait a couple of paychecks) that you just can't get that mess taken care of just yet. And while few other people are probably even paying attention to the fact that you've got roots peeking out of your dome, to you it feels like a full-on skunk-stripe situation.
Baby Skunk in Alberta Canada.Not cool. Fortunately, there are some ways to get around this. In my many years of being a committed blonde, I've picked up a few tricks for covering up those annoying darker blonde roots while I wait for the opportunity to get it taken care of. And because I feel like sharing the love, you guys can get in on this action with me. Here's some of my favorite ways to look cute despite my mousy blonde root sabotage. Enjoy, fellow skunk-stripers.


gold leaf headband example on writer Affordable and easy to match to your wardrobe, a well-placed headband draws the eye away from a root line. Got serious roots? I go with thicker headbands on those days:
writer shows how to cover roots with black headband

Change the Part

hair roots changing the part
If you're like me (and hopefully some of you are, because this makes me feel lonely sometimes), your hair's default is the perfectly straight middle part. It must be tamed to do anything besides lay symmetrical on your head. I found that blow-drying the part off-center really helps diffuse the peek-a-boo roots.

Dry Shampoo

basiste dry Shampoo Display, Urban Outfitters Store at Herald Square, NYC
Especially for blondes, dry shampoo is a great way to powder-up your roots. Just make sure you brush it through your hair - otherwise you might notice some snow flakes drifting down your shoulders. Some super affordable options are the Batiste shampoos or this one from Dove.


It sounds crazy, but a makeup item closely matching your hair color can work in a pinch. Sometimes I'll dab a little of my Bare Essentials bareMinerals to tone down any oily roots. You can also use mascara for dark hair or any other kind of liner. The warning I'll give you with this one, however, is use sparingly and be aware of the weather that day. The last thing you want is makeup running down your scalp!


curly blonde hair
It's a bit of a time-consumer, but maybe my favorite way to style my hair (even when I don't have roots) is by putting some bouncy curls in there. Just make sure you use a nice heat-protectant spray beforehand.

And the Age-old Standby...the Hat

big brimmed hat to cover up roots
These are great anyway now that fall is upon us, but a hat is perhaps the easiest way to cover up those roots - or really, let's be real, any bad hair day.


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