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As much as we wish this article could be about women finally achieving equality in the workforce, sadly, this is not that story.

In fact, a new study by online salary database PayScale, based on salary data from 1.4 million full-time employees, shows that there is a gender pay gap in virtually every industry, the size of the gap varying from field to field. WTF...isn't this 2015?

If you're deciding which direction to steer your career in, let us drop a little knowledge on you. If you thought that male-dominated industries maintained a larger gender pay gap, you thought wrong, reports Fast Company.

One of the industries with the smallest pay gap is, surprisingly, the tech industry at 1.4 percent. This number holds for all job levels except for executive - when you get that high up, the pay gap rises drastically, becoming a little bit larger than in non-tech industries. The personal care and services industry also has a relatively low pay gap of 1.4 percent.

Ladies in the farming, fishing and forestry field have it the worst, at 9.4 percent. heard right. Those lumbersexual types are making almost 10 percent more than women in their industry. What gives?

When you compare all men to all women, women still make almost 26 percent less than men - that's 75 cents for each dollar earned by a man.

It's up to us to fight to have these unfair pay practices obliterated. Our #BUILTBYGIRLS future has no room for whack paychecks.


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