Is Dove Cameron More Liv or Maddie? 'I'm a Million Different People in One Day'

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Some people spend a lot of their lives trying to figure out what they truly want to do. But others, like Dove Cameron, are lucky enough to know that from a young age.

"We had a small little theater that only had 2 screens, and they would only show old movies," Dove told us about her childhood. "My family didn't have cable and they wanted to raise me to go outside and all that. We'd go to the movie theater like once a week and I would only see old movies." Maybe that's why even though she's just 20 years old, we can sense that she's a bit of an old soul.

"That's what I thought was current - the black and white movies. I wanted to do that. I wanted to do the big sweeping dramatic movies," she says. "I have such an intense personality that I thought those were my people. I thought they were my tribe."

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While she hasn't had the chance to do any black and white films yet, she has found somewhat of a tribe at Disney. "Honestly, I think it was one of those in-the-cards things because it's really hard," she says about her hit TV series, Liv and Maddie. "And if I'm not doing something that keeps me busy at every moment, then I'd be upset. I'd feel sad." Even though she plays both twin characters on the show, "I'm a million different people in one day, so playing two is like a stress ball for me."

Does she relate to one of the characters more than the other? "Even if I was playing octuplets, I'd connect with each of them. I don't know how people feel about this, but I sort of have the thought that maybe what I do isn't really acting," the Seattle native explained. "I look at people who work their little booties off with their journals and doing research. I'm like 'Oh gosh, I'm slacking!' I just show up and read the words." She refers to herself as a "feeler." "I'm just like 'Okay, I know how that feels. Let me recreate it.'" "But I think I can connect with both [Liv and Maddie] because I've been that smart girl next door and the athlete and the girl who digs up worms and the girl that just wants attention."
Liv and Maddie season 3 recently premiered, but they're still wrapping it up some of the episodes on set. "We don't know about season 4!," Dove says. "Fingers crossed. With most TV networks, you don't really know until a couple of weeks before. You never know when it's goodbye."

While we're patiently waiting for season 4 to get picked up, what we do know is that Descendants 2 is happening! Stay tuned for our next post to see what Dove had to say about that.


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