Jell-O Lipstick Is a Thing and We Kinda Want to Eat It

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We're not sure about you, but we love ourselves some products good enough to eat. But in a world where most lip balms and lotions only smell like our favorite desserts, one has come around to revolutionize the game. Get ready for this.

Jell-O lipstick.

That's right. Let your inner child scream up and down for joy, along with that part of you that's always looked at Jell-O and thought huh, this would be nice, not just in my mouth, but on my lips.

Nope? Just us.... Awkward.
Regardless of whether or not you've considered it, Jell-O is now available to be put on our lips. Or at least, a Jell-O-like product that is both hydrating and lightly pigmented. The lipstick comes to you courtesy of K-beauty purveyor Chosungah 22, a brand created by Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah. It's not actually made of gelatin, although we had the same thought initially, but a semi-translucent balm that adds hydrating components like vitamin E and argon oil. But beyond being your typical lip salve, Jell-O lipstick has light tints that combine with its moisturizer to give your lips a touch of color.

Yep, it can do pretty much anything. But we don't advise you eat it. (Unfortunately.)

Right now, the Flavorful Lipstick Collection can be found on Birchbox going for $18 each. Will this mean that these dessert-themed goodies may pop in future boxes for all those subscribers? We can only keep our fingers crossed! But until then, the store offers four flavors to choose from, including Vanilla Berry, Guava Tint, Chai Tea and Orange Jell-O (not very creative, but what else could you really call it?).
‚ÄčAccording to Marie Claire, this product is the perfect balm-lipstick combo, and the scents are great. One of the writers even claims after swiping some on her pout, her cracked lips were completely renewed, and dead skin was replaced and freshly hydrated.

We don't know about you, but we're all about this. And makeup goddess, if you're listening, we request more dessert products, but ones we can actually eat. Do with that info as you will.


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