This One Simple Photo Explains Why People Shouldn't Bring Phones to Weddings

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It isn't uncommon for celebrities to ask their wedding guests to hand over their cell phones when they arrive - and while they have obvious privacy concerns and don't want photos/details from their ceremonies leaking, this photographer shared a powerful post that makes the argument for ALL weddings to be phone-free.

In a long Facebook post, along with the photo below, the photographer pointed out that the groom's view was actually obstructed by guests trying to take photos. He also explained that sometimes photo-snapping guests get in the way of the actual photographer capturing special moments.

Right, I've had enough. I want to talk to you all about guests using mobile phones / cameras at weddings. I want to...

Posted by Thomas Stewart Photography on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Another point he made was that the photos taken from people's phones can't compare to the professional photographer's, anyway, and concluded with this plea: "You are witnesses to their marriage, so for goodness sake, watch them with your eyes and your minds, not your phones."


While many people agreed with his argument, some didn't feel the same way. One recent bride commented that many of the best photos from her wedding were from guests' phones. "I could see where a photographer might get annoyed by it, but speaking from a brides point of view this is the last thing you will notice or care about when your in that moment! I'm still waiting to get back my professional pics & couldn't be more grateful for all of the pics and videos my guests took during the ceremony," she wrote.

Another person commented that they were a guest at a recent no-phone wedding and they were extremely disappointed that they didn't have their own photos of themselves dressed up and enjoying the special evening with friends because the photographer is understandably mostly focused on the bride and groom.
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