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The Scary Truth About Disappointing Yourself

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Being an overachiever and a people pleaser, I find that the most terrifying thing in the world is disappointment. I'm always afraid to disappoint my family. Parents, while they don't always apply pressure for perfection, have set standards that we, as children and students, feel we need to meet. The same could be said for older siblings. They have a sort of chip on their shoulder like, "I went through this first, so you should have learned through me how to do things."

But, I think that this familial pressure, so to speak, is really just a façade for the fact that we don't want to disappoint ourselves. In our generation, the pressure to get internships, find perfect mates, move out of the house before 25, etc. is so high. We are a generation of go-getters and overachievers. We are a selfish generation and want the very best for ourselves.

When we fall even the slightest bit short of our ideal futures, we become disappointed in ourselves. There is no worse feeling than that pit of disappointment in our stomachs. So, we shovel the blame off on the pressures of other people.

"I just couldn't get that internship. My dad is putting so much pressure on me to get into the stock business like him that I just flopped when I got into that interview room."

But, blaming others isn't going to solve that inner self-disappointment. Being disappointed in yourself is absolutely terrifying because you're the only one who can fix it. Maybe you didn't get that dream internship, but you still got your second choice, or your third! Does it really matter? You got an internship - be proud of yourself!

Disappointment is horrifying, but it is totally preventable. No matter what you do, if you know you are giving 110 percent, it shouldn't matter what the outcome is. Be realistic and be confident, and you can fight that disappointment head-on!

You can't have everything...
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